Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Scratch Offs are DONE!

I am so excited to tell my students about them and share them, but there wasn't a good time yesterday (Mondays are SO busy).  Today my Gifted students are out for their enrichment class (7 out of 21 in one group), and I don't want them to miss out.  Maybe tomorrow...but since I'm chomping at the bit to share them with SOMEONE:

Here they are in the process...
A close-up.  It only took about 2 to 3 layers.  
Thank you, Pinterest, you've done it again! Click here for the source and the how-to! :)

Here are a couple of general (with my name removed) free printables you can use in your room:
Classroom Lottery Blank 2
Classroom Lottery Blank 1

Special thanks to Rebecca Morris (source) for posting her format that I modified to suit my needs (you guessed it...COLOR)!

Have a great day,

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