Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Look Around My Classroom - Last Year

Believe it or not, I've taken very few pictures of my classroom this year and we've been back (including pre-planning) for nearly a month.  SO, I'm sharing pictures that I took of my classroom last year instead.  For now, anyway.

This is my AR Board and the students get flip flops to leave at the edge of the beach before they go beachcombing when they take and pass their first AR test.  For each test that they pass afterwards, they get a small shell sticker to add.  For every tenth test passed, they get a big shell cutout on the beach.

We were departmentalized and Mrs. Devine was my partner so the students were competing to have the most pairs of flip flops (percentage-wise) on the beach.

The name plates that I made for all of the fifth grade teachers and then some.  Our school colors are black and gold.

Character quotes on my door geared towards the Student of the Month characteristic.

Hello and Welcome

My own pair of flip flops like the students made for best memory and advice.  The symbols are for Ford Cares and their Warriors in Pink campaign.

A stepping stone that I made for my classroom - it's a larger replica of the ones I made for the students the year before.

When students check out a book to take home or borrow supplies, it goes on this clipboard.  I also used it for when colleagues borrowed supplies or teaching tools so that I could keep track of where everything was if I needed something.

I made these on canvas prints by painting mod podge and then sprinkling sand over them.  I hot glued the sand dollar and star fish when they were dry.

Mailbox system for the two classes

My Michigan Wolverines classroom is complete without one, right?  ;)

Cookie pans with lunch choices - this doubles as my attendance.  All students start off on the left side of the left pan and then come in and choose either packed or A, B, or C for their lunch choice.  I announce (when names are left over), "I either have X students absent or I have X students who have not selected their lunches."

Well I'm off to a munchkin's birthday party across the street.  Have a great evening!

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