Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blog Button

Well, I'm officially giving up for the night.  I have tried for several hours to create my blog button with a grab code under it and have even referred to several tutorials to figure out how it's done.  To no avail.  :(  Perhaps tomorrow with a fresh mind and eyes that are more open I will be more successful.  At least I was able to create the button, I suppose (rejoicing in small victories).

I found the idea on Pinterest, and it was linked from Sweet Serendipity (you can find the direct link HERE) for teacher appreciation, but I modified it. ;)

Friday I was only able to give them to one group so I'll give the rest on Tuesday.
Lined up and ready to 'roll' if you will.  :)
Michigan 'won' their game when it was called due to lightning, so it hasn't been too bad of an evening.  Now I suppose I'll try and finish up the students' tootsie roll surprises that I started earlier.

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