Friday, September 23, 2011

Things are FINALLY Coming Along!

"Pinterest-ingly" enough, I saw the paint chip samples for color words--and even then, it was more of a flower.  And though I liked the color word idea, I couldn't help but think that this would also be a great way to 'show, not tell' Shades of Meaning for fifth grade vocabulary.  SOOO, I was able to finally get these and assemble my board (it is just one set of colors but the board it's attached to is labeled on both sides so that I can use write on/wipe offs for whatever my lesson is about at the time.  I am also excited about this idea because it doesn't limit me to a specific set of words because I can wipe them off and write new ones when the current set is mastered.  :D

Space is limited, so my bathroom corridor  door is used to display the birthdays for my three groups.  

My modified (because they broke the first time around) lunch and attendance cookie sheets

Vocabulary bulletin board (more to come, including the source)

Nothing is Never an Option ;)

Bloom's board

It's such a process when I change how I do things.  This is my library checkout board; they are color coded for the three groups I have , but you may not be able to see them from this distance. 
My GO BLUE corner.  ♥

Portable Word Wall I've had for 100 years (give or take)

Individual rewards are growing so fast!  I'm truly blessed to have the groups I have.. What amazing kids!  Below my Super - Stars is my recycling bin.

Again...writing late.  And I. Am. Exhausted!!!

Good night and sweet dreams,

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