Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pinterest-ing Creations

So I finally am able to finish up a couple of  projects found on Pinterest and can post them.  First I'll start with one that has actually been finished for several weeks (pre-Blog Beach).  Here is the original posting.  She even provides the template for the drawer labels (which I used for mine).  This is mine:

Another creation I got from Here though I couldn't find the direct link from her blog, you'd be doing yourself a favor to check her stuff out.  She has some pretty fabulous stuff.  Anyway, this is mine:
Insight: two reasons I love this picture is because it's today's message to him (YAY) and because you can see my  Michigan t-shirt reflecting off of the glass.  That being said, "GO BLUE!"
This is a dry erase To Do board for my classroom.  I haven't found the original post, but am looking.

This is the one I created for my office at home. 

Okay, if you're reading (and I'm really not sure many are, but that's okay, I'm doing this to LEARN blogging before TEACHING blogging), I am off for now.  I have to run to the store before settling in for the night.  Tonight's game is at 8pm...GO BLUE!!!


Jennifer said...

Hey Krystal! Love your projects. How big is the teacher toolkit? I love the idea, but from the picture....I can't tell how big it is!

Krystal Van Kampen said...

Thank you! It's actually for nuts and bolts and I got it at Home Depot. It's at school now so I can't measure it, but if I were to guess I'd say it's about 2ft wide and about a foot tall. I think I spent all of $17 on it because I had all of the other supplies on hand.

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