Friday, September 16, 2011

Sneak Peak

I've finally gotten around to taking some pictures of this year's classroom.  Here are a bunch to wet your whistle and then I'm off to bed (captions will have to be added tomorrow, folks, sorry).  It is waaaaaaay past my bedtime for a school night!
These are used to remind the students of the color code in my classroom.  Some of them have three teachers, and it can be a challenge remembering what each teacher has assigned to a specific time of day.  There are also labels on their desks with their numbers printed in the ink color that matched their period as well. 

My homeroom made quilt squares to honor the memories of the  nearly 3000 people lost to the attacks of 9-11.

This was a Pinterest modified idea.  Each roster is listed in Wordle format and posted outside of my door.

This is the Hello and Welcome board outside of my door.

I have this board posted outside of my room to remind the students  of the resource and lunch for the day.  They have about 25 minutes in the hall before entering, so they should, in theory, have read it before entering.   My Secret Word will be posted on this board beginning next week. 

This is the view of my door (the classroom side) with folders for students who were out and a couple of reminders.  The first--the BEACH sign--tells them what they should remember before entering the Beach every day.  The second is at about eye level for the seated children that reminds them that their future is in front of them (meaning the instruction/or activity in front of them, not who or what is seen in the window of the hallway).

The clipboard hanging is one that I decorated with scrapbook paper and some small shells and starfish.  It contains  my Tardy Log and is located just inside the door.  When students are Tardy, they are to sign in, so as not to disrupt instruction to report in.  You can also see the Standout Students and Student of the Month Character Traits posted next to it.

This is a word wall on which bricks containing Figurative Language will be posted.  It used to be posted outside on the hallway walls, but I've brought it in to make it more student interactive and am going to try and color code it to reflect class period.

This is my AR Stars board.  It is simply laminated scrapbook paper with an image of beach sand.  When the students take and pass their first AR Quiz, they (in theory) take off their flip flops and enter the beach to begin beachcombing for seashells.  For every passed quiz, they get a seashell sticker with their name on it and for every tenth quiz passed, they get a larger, laminated seashell placed on the board.  The smaller shells are sticker sheets that I buy at A.C. Moore and they are 27 for about $1.00 (although sometimes I find them on sale) and the larger ones are simply clipart shells that I printed and laminated last year.  The paper and larger seashells can be re-used so I am able to save the school on laminating.  The flip flops are scrapbook paper that I cut out on my Cricut using the "Life is a Beach" cartridge.

I found these signs on one of the blogs I'm "stalking" and will figure out which one and post the link this weekend.  

I have an individual reward ticket procedure and draw five tickets, randomly, each Friday.  I take their pictures in front of the board and they get a visit to my candy bin when I draw their names.   

I have a separate clipboard for each of my class periods.  I found these key chains at Home Depot and the cover pages are old calendar pages that I trimmed down and laminated for durability.

The hanging garland in front of the door I found at Big Lots, on  clearance--WOOT-WOOOOT!

I have posted these Pinteresting finds before, but here they are , in use, in my classroom.  I also have a Dr. Seuss corner so that his books are easily accessible when I need them for mini-lessons.

These are the bins where the students put their individual reward tickets.  I am embarrassed to see that I  haven't added labels to them yet.  That will  most likely change today (Mrs. Van Kampen LOVES labels).  :D

Each child has an individual bin to turn in any assignments or anything that I'd be collecting whole group.  I just realized I didn't take a picture of the flip side of these and will try to do so today after they take their vocabulary quizzes.

This is a close-up of the sign.  Ideally, the children would read it and then check their papers for the listed items before turning them in.  I truly think that the number of "Anonymous (no name)" papers has dropped, dramatically, but there are still those precious few who forget.

I saw something on Pinterest where people were making alphabets for students to use in their stations (spelling or vocabulary).  I modified it to fit my needs and this is my lunch count board.  It is an old calendar page that was a picture of a beach.  I'm not sure if the picture is as clear as I had hoped, but it was only my second attempt at making them--the first attempt I gave to Mrs. Devine to use in her room.

Here you see the board in action.  This also serves as my attendance.  This will likely be updated this weekend because I saw the CUTEST idea on Pinterest last night *insert cheesy grin here* and am just dying to get those boards home to give them a face lift!

I refer to two of these signs often:  "Nothing is never and option!" and "It's okay not to know; it is not okay not to try."

Believe it or not, this is a $5 beach towel I found on ABC Distributing.  I thought it was super cute and brightly colored so it is a backdrop behind the student computers.  The sea-art above I made and (I believe) I have posted before.  If you'd like to know how I made them, leave a comment.  I'd be happy to share the simple instructions!  :)

The top of my media cabinet has some "Personals" as well as a few of my favorite things.

More of my Teacher Desk wall area.

The wooden word phrases I found at A.C. Moore for $1 a piece a few years ago and the sign I found on one of my Blogger Stalkee's pages.  I'll post the link here after school sometime today to give proper credit.

Seastars, Sand Dollars, and Love,


Linda Dunnavant said...

What a cute room! I know your students love learning in such an inviting space. I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I'm adding you to my blog list! :)

Mrs. McFarland said...

Where did you get the glass things for the lunch count?

Krystal Van Kampen said...

I made those with the glass stones from Dollar Tree, printed numbers on an old calendar picture, and strong magnets. :)

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