Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pinterest-ing II

This was so adorable and easy that I made it immediately upon finding it.  HERE is the original post though on that site, she didn't use the Wordle website.  If you haven't been on it, check it out HERE!  It's a great site and so much fun!  There is another one that has more options, and at the moment I can't remember what it is, but I will check my browsing history and update this posting if I come across it.

I made three, but need to head back to the dollar store to pick up two more document frames because I only had one left.  I plat to hang them outside of my room where my rosters USED to be. ;)

Aren't they just ADORABLE?  And when I get up to the Dollar Tree, I'll have paid a whopping $2.14 (including tax)!  Ironically I already had an idea to do something like this for the children for a Christmas gift or an end-of-year gift.  I'm SO excited that I've already taken a picture of each of their writings that I intend to do it with. start stocking up on document frames...  ;)

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