Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland Gift Bags

In the name of all things frugal, I decided to purchase white bags for my students for their Christmas (although we're not really allowed to call it that--that's what it is for ME;)) party.  
Plain, white bags from Michaels, I believe--I planned to just add snowflake stickers to dress them up.  They can be bought in sets of five or six depending on where you go.  They also come bigger or smaller, depending on your needs.

Yesterday, I accidentally came up with an idea while gathering everything I've purchased this year along with what was left over from last year.  I already had my spray paint out for something I was working on for my first Premier Jewelry Show and somehow the idea emerged!

So, though it's probably going to seem obvious, I am writing a tutorial.  Simply because it might not be obvious and also because I've never done a tutorial before.  ;) I had some extra snowflake ornaments left over from last year:

I apologize that it's out of focus, I didn't realize it until later.  These are a hard plastic and are coated with a glittery-something-or-other (technical term).  I scraped that off of the center circle and then attached a Zot (any glue dot brand will probably do).  The Zots I used fit the circle exactly but would probably use one that is smaller in the future.
Stick the ornament to the bag.  You really don't need to press it too tightly as these dots have staying power and could rip the bag while pulling it off (TRUST).  ;)

Torn bag example. ;)

I took these outside and placed them on old newspaper and just sprayed away.  I didn't want the entire bag front covered with the paint so I just lightly coated around the outer edges of the snowflake and heavily concentrated on the snowflake itself to ensure the design showed clearly.
Gently pull the ornament off and this is what you have.  What's nice is you could also gift or decorate with your newly painted ornaments, too!  WOOT!  :)

I bought these small glittery/bling-y stickers for the bags (one package of 25 for around $4 however WITH a coupon I got it 1/2 off--YAY).

This is the other color combination in the sticker package.  Just the two, but so simply stated and pretty so "Mommy LIKES."

This whole process, for 25 bags honestly took me about 30-45 minutes to complete!  Time AND money saved?  Mommy REALLY likes!  I added some more stickers and wrote their names and my initials and VOILA:
Much like the beach theme and fuchsia/hot pink are my signature theme/colors throughout the year, hues of blue and silver, snowflakes and bells (from my FAVORITE Polar Express) are my signature during Christmas.  Here's a peek at my tree to drive home that point:

Merry Christmas and Happy Sunday,
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Ms. Chrissy B said...

Great idea! The bags are adorable!

Buzzing with Ms. B

Krystal Van Kampen said...

Thank you! I'm all about saving money where possible and this was more fun than buying bags that were already printed! :)

Unknown said...

What a great craft! They turned out beautiful!

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Come by & enter to WIN!

Happy Holidays!

❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
A Teacher's Treasure

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