Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Got an iPad and IT Got a New Outfit!

Sooo, I already posted about this in my Kraftin' Krystal blog, but I wanted to share a little bit here too because I need some input (other than what I've found on Pinterest)!  My SUPERFANTABULOUS husband bought me an iPad2 for Christmas and I have had OHSOMUCHFUN with it ever since!  For starters, I used a very Pinteresting idea (that actually led to me blogstalking the author long before I even got an iPad) and dressed up my new pretty girl.  The idea came from Little Blue Boo:


And it was ohsofrugal too because I already had everything it needed to be created!  I spent ZILCH!  NADA!  ZIP!  Whhhhhoooooot!!!

Here are my results:

Isn't that the neatest idea EVER?!?!  Well, I mean aside from the iPad itself.  ;)

SO, my question is, I have been wanting one of these because I've been told that they ROCK in the classroom (yes, I realize that's a statement and not a question--stand by), in addition to the fact that I have an unhealthy addiction to new technology (fueled by my need to learn and my husband's unhealthy addiction to new technology).  My question is, which applications do you recommend--keeping in mind that I made my own outfit for a reason--for use in a fifth grade classroom?  I've loaded a few, but I have plenty of memory and want to make sure that I have the best ones for the groups that I teach.  

I've had iPhones for years but have been very selective on which applications I load because of memory restriction (my music library is QUITE large and I didn't sync it to my iPad yet).  So my knowledge of educational apps is limited (of course that's also because I didn't use my iPhone as a classroom tool).  What do all of you techno-savvy recommend?

Thank you, in advance, for any advice that you can offer!

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