Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Wonder Snowfest Celebration

Our Christmas (dare I call it that--oh the nerve of me) Party went off without a hitch.  It was snowflake themed, as I have been doing for several years now which is pretty and saves money because I can reuse the decor from the year before.  WIN!

We did a book exchange, white elephant style.  At least I believe that's what you call it.  I let the students draw numbers and they either got to choose a wrapped book when it was their turn, or steal from one of the unwrapped ones.  It was GREAT fun and it appeared as though all students left with a book that they were interested in reading.  I also ordered them all one of the dollar books from Scholastic and they were allowed to trade with other classmates if they got one that they had already read or that didn't interest them.  These are the books, waiting to be wrapped:

I have two reading groups and a homeroom as well so I tried to get a variety so that their reading levels and interests could be matched.

I also made smaller goodie bags for my reading groups (my homeroom was the group I "partied" with so I just had the guidance counselor watch my children watch The Smurfs while I made my deliveries.   :)

So anywhoooo, I also made them breakfast.  They were actually given the choice of pizza or breakfast.  In hindsight, I think next time I'll have them secretly write their votes down and I'll "tally" them up so that pizza wins.

My decor is a combination of last year's and some additional purchases this year as well as some Pinteresting items or items I found while blogstalking. ;)

Well, that's all the party postin' I have for you tonight.  I. Am. Exhausted!  I was puppy sitting for one of my former pups (Maizey's litter that went to their forever homes in June) and it kept me pretty busy.  

Have a great night,

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Ms. Chrissy B said...

Cute pretzels!!

Buzzing with Ms. B

Krystal Van Kampen said...

Thank you @Ms. Chrissy B! I got the idea from oriental trading:
You'll also see the snowmen donuts too, though I had to make modifications for my peanut allergy child. :)

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