Sunday, November 27, 2011

Take a Smile!

Okay, I've used some of's printables around my school campus (Compliments and Positive Thoughts) in a couple of random places.  At first, I wasn't sure anyone would do anything but look at them cynically and then ignore them, but the the most WONDERFUL thing happened...they started getting torn off!  I was SO EXCITED to see that they were being taken that it literally made my day in hopes that someone else was moved by the effort.

Then today I saw a real simple, "Take a Smile" with happy faces at the bottom.  It was such a CUTE and SIMPLE idea (I love simple--because honestly, who doesn't need a smile from time-to-time just to cheer us up?) that I just had to remake it.  However, I wanted some of nature's sunshine/smiles on it too, so I added a picture I'd found somewhere out in the great digital superhighway at one point in my life.  SUNFLOWERS!

I printed two of them and scored and then cut them and plan to drop some sunshine on someone's day starting TOMORROW!  Here it is for your enjoyment:

Take a Smile

Much love and have a MARVELOUS MONDAY,

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