Thursday, February 2, 2012

Colleagues (Friends) and Compliments

I, along with 12 other staff members, received this email today and it just made my day.  Isn't it nice when we are paid genuine compliments by people we respect very highly?  Anyway, just thought I'd share. Rose hit the nail on the head as the people she sent this to really do show their support to our children in so many after school events/performances.

"Hello former GPE’ers,
As I was adding up the t-shirt sizes for Jump Rope for Heart, I noticed something. 20 people paid/donated their $40 to get their shirt early, lunch and slime.  Out of those 20 people, 13 of us came from GPE with Ms. Wyant. (she only brought 16 of us with her)  It could be one of two things…..we will do or pay anything to stay at this school and not go back to GPE (J) OR Ms. Wyant did a great job in picking who she brought with her.  I believe option 2 is the correct one.  I still feel like we get looked down upon because we came from GPE, but the truth is, all of us that came from GPE are the backbone of this school.  We are the ones going to the different school functions supporting our kids.  I am extremely proud of you guys and where we came from and you all are the best at what you do.  I don’t give compliments very often but I am honored to work with each and every one of you.  Thanks for all you do and all the support you’ve given me and our school.

I'm going to follow that up with a huge thanks to my blogging friends and colleagues because there have been times when you gave just the lift that I or another blogger needed as well.  YOU ALL ROCK!

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