Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Data Driven Panic

Sooo, after the last test my students took to guide instruction and give an idea of performance, we had a team meeting letting us know how to interpret said results and where to go from there.  As much as I look at the numbers and interpret the data, I just want to put this out there...if you have access to your test items/questions, PLEASE make sure that you're looking at what your students are being asked.

I think in the grand scheme of things, sometimes we forget that no matter the level of intelligence/skill, these test are still written by humans.  Humans are still known to err.  It happens and we all catch it on our occasional assignments and/or answer keys.  TRUST YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND INSTINCTS and ALWAYS double check.  It truly can be such a relieve to realize that a question or answer choice was poorly worded.

Hang in there, check, double check, and TRUST that you're doing your best when you are.  For some reason, I felt it necessary to put that out there and I hope it brings comfort to someone who needs to read it.
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Ms. Chrissy B said...

Very true. Also, sometimes the questions are just not the best - they may be accurate, but worded in a way that is extremely sophisticated for kids. Most of the time, able students who haven't done well have struggled with the language of the question.

Anonymous said...

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