Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tightened Security

I am so sad that it took something like this as, even after our community lost one of its angels three years ago to an abduction (Somer Thompson--to know her was to love her), that it took place off of campus didn't seem to make security on campus a tad tighter.

My hope is that the school I'm at now, which from all angles I've seen, seems to resemble the layout of Sandy Hook, will become a closed campus for which parents need to be buzzed in.  For now, doors are closing and classroom doors are being locked.  Mine has always remained locked.  Any thoughts?
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Plumrose Lane said...

Hi Karen,
I've been trying to contact you to replace your missing images. If you could please send me an email at: I would be happy to get your blog fixed for you. Thanks!

Krystal Van Kampen said...

Sharon, just saw this! I'll email you now. Thanks!

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