Sunday, August 5, 2012

Organizational OCD

I am sure this is a common ailment for many teachers, but I suffer from a bad case of Organizational OCD.  I'm not naturally organized, I have to work very hard at it, so I've become obsessed with baskets and bins to assist me in my endeavor to become organized.

That being said, I'm sure many of you have seen the rolling carts with the primary colors for storage, but if not, they look like this:
I bought them at Sam's Club for the lowest price I'd ever seen them.  Normally they are around $80 but Sam's had them for $25 so I bought two for my classroom.

 Now, unfortunately, they do not really go with the color scheme in my classroom, so I busted out the scrapbook paper and modpodge and VOILA:

Well, I decided that I'd really wished that I'd gotten some for home in my craft room/office so I went back with my fingers crossed they'd still have some and thankfully they did!  YAY! 

I think that warming up my craft muscles on the first two sets was a good idea because my set for home turned out just a tad different. Hehehe

As you can see, this time I gave them a COMPLETE overhaul using spray paint (creme and chalkboard) as well as some stencil and paint on the top.   I wanted to match them to these ADORABLE storage bins I found at Michael's last year.  

FYI: I thought that in the past I had seen these for around $70-80 but got curious and looked at a couple of teacher supply sites to see if I remembered correctly.  I did...kinda: School Aids has them for $99.99.  Now, I mean no disrespect towards School Aids, but WHOOT WHOOT!  I FINALLY got a deal when I thought I was getting a deal!  Now, that being said, I TOTALLY fell for a sales pitch on some carpet cleaner while I was there the second time, but that was only $40 and it DOES clean...just not NEARLY as well as this knucklehead told me it would.  Oh well.  I STILL SAVED MONEY!  

Curious again, after hearing that one of my colleagues went to our local Sam's Club to get some after seeing mine last week and they were sold out, I looked online at their website to see if you could order them and have them delivered to the store.  To what will likely be her dismay, but to my relief that I was not wasting a rare opportunity to get these so cheap,  they are selling them online at Sam's for $66.83.  To their credit (yeah, not-so-much), that does include shipping. ;)

Well, I need to my classroom so have a SPECTACULAR Sunday!

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Unknown said...

Krystal...I LOVE those carts...I got a good deal on the one I have too. I have since seen them for outrageous prices! I hope to mod podge mine too....I've been mod podging everything I can get my hands on! Come check out my site and see my foolishness! I have got to get on some serious business and quit mod podging! LOL I think the first sign I had that I needed to do other things was the day I mod podged my thighs together! LOL (not even kidding and it's a longgg story!) Come by and keep in touch!
5th Grade Tomfoolery

Teaching with Heart Matters said...

I'm also getting into the habit of being more organized. I checked out your classroom pics- AMAZING!! What a great place to learn. I'm your newest follower. I look forward to learning from you!

Krystal Van Kampen said...

Thank you ladies! I've popped on over and joined your sites as well. I look forward to reading your blogs. :)

Mrs. B Best said...

So very cute! I am happy I found your blog. I teach 5th grade too. I am your newest follower. I hope you can stop by my blog soon.

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